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“I have known Trisha for….years; she is dedicated to her job as recruitment consultant, and will do her best to deal with your requirements to the best of her ability.I trust Trisha to find me the best locum for my practice and she has never let me down. I cannot recommend Vets2GO highly enough.”

Grant - Nurse & Practice Manager

“I have worked with Trisha and Sarah since I became a locum in 2012 and have found that you not only get a more personal touch with them, but also a very professional one as well. Most of my locuming work has come through them I hope to work with them in the years to come.”


“Trisha is great! Takes the time to get to know you and organizes wonderful placements! Every practice I’ve been placed at have been amazing, great staff and so efficiently organized! Definitely recommend Vets2GO.”

Miriam - vet

“I have worked with Trisha and Sarah for a number of years now. They always seem to find me suitable and convenient Locum positions throughout the UK, as and when I need them. They have always operated to a very high standard of professionalism. They have consistently offered me an honest and efficient service without being pushy. I shall not hesitate to continue using their services.”

Roger - locum vet and practice owner

“I have been a client of vets2go for about 3 years. They have a large variety of jobs all over the UK and overseas. We have a very personal relationship compared to the other agencies – they know exactly what I am looking for and send me the list of the jobs accordingly. All my enquiries are answered within a few hours, and I usually get a response from the clinic within 48 hours. They are my number 1 agency in the UK and I would recommend them to anyone. They have definitely made my life as a locum very easy!”

Pavel - Locum Vet

“Trisha has been the one constant in my locum career, a supportive, respectful provider of tough love who strives every time to get the best work at the best rate for me. Her contacts and knowledge of the business are second to none. I can heartily recommend her to anyone considering a locum career.

As a sole charge practice owner I need the right locum at the right time – I trust Vets 2 Go to find the right person to look after my practice. Trisha and her staff are so friendly and they work hard to understand my requirements, they get it right every time with a quality locum. They have saved my bacon more than once!”

Emily - vet and practice owner

“Trisha has been incredibly supportive and helpful: I had never locumed before and felt the whole team continued to ensure I had all I needed throughout the whole start-up process. The support did not stop there, they are always only an email or phone call away, and never fail to respond efficiently with anything you need. They are able to meet a wide range of needs and wants as they are very known and respected in the veterinary industry. They are able to incorporate a personal touch, to Trisha and the team it’s not just a business, they want to ensure YOU are happy. I trust them fully and will continue to use their services.”

Nicola - RVN

“Trisha and Sarah have looked after my locum placements in the Midlands area for a number of years; they know what I am looking for in a practice and what fits with my lifestyle – providing a professional and friendly recruitment service along the way. I wish Vets2GO all the best and look forward to working with Trisha and Sarah again going forward.”

David - locum Vet

“I have always found Trish and Sarah very helpful and friendly, offering exceptionally good professional service and in-depth knowledge of how veterinary world works. You know exactly what to expect when you taking jobs from them.”

Magdalena - locum vet